Special Valuation Branch (SVB) investigation report.

Related Party transaction requires an assessment by the SVB to confirm the valuation rules under the Customs. We, Osgan QCMS assist in representing the matter to SVB.

Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme (FMCS)

FMCS is a scheme run by the BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS since 2000 under BIS Act, 2016 and (Conformity Assessment) Regulations 2018 for foreign manufacturers.

The foreign manufacturer who wishes to sell their product in India have to get licence/certificate and use the standard mark (i.e., ISI mark). The objective of BIS for granting certificate to foreign manufacturers is that the public gets good quality, safe, reliable and risk-free product.

The manufacturers which have their factory location outside India can apply under FMCS and shall have to ensure conformity of their product(s) to applicable Indian standards specifications, have all manufacturing machinery/ facilities at the factory premises, have all arrangements /equipment in their factory premises for testing of the all product (s) as per the applicable ISS, have competent testing personal Indian lab to test the product as per applicable ISS ,accept the scheme of testing and inspection (SIT) and marking fee, accept the terms and condition of the license.

Foreign applicant has to submit the BIS certification application form with BIS in the prescribed format, the requisite documents and fees. Also mandatory for foreign manufacturer/applicant to nominate Authorised Indian Representative (AIR). The BIS will conduct a preliminary inspection of the applications manufacturing and testing units and collect sample for independent testing. When the BIS is satisfied that the product meets the standard requirements, it shall grant the BIS certificate.

The standards may be under mandatory or voluntary certification. List of items under mandatory certification are given hereunder: –

FMCS certification requires various formalities and has complex process therefore needs preparation before filing of the application. We, Osgan offer complete end to end solution to overseas manufacturer for obtaining FMCS certificate and establishing a trust logo/ mark on the product.  within reasonable time period. You can call us at 011-29832120 or send a mail to [email protected] for more details or assistance.

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