Revised BIS standard for Indian language support for mobile/smartphone.

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The BIS is a National Standards Body promoting and regulating standards of product and goods in India. BIS lays down standards with regard to the quality and safety of the goods. The BIS certification for products even though voluntary is encouraged by the government for the following purposes, it provides a safeguard to the public health, provides quality assurance, it protects the consumer from hazardous products, it promotes consumer confidence. Under, Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS) imported product must ensure conformity of a product will be granted once product analysis and testing are done along with the documents. CRS scheme is also applied to IT and electronic items.

There are more than 500 million smartphone users in India and without a mobile phone, life seems to go with difficulty. All the smartphone has been included in BIS CRS registration scheme under the Indian standard IS 13252 (Part 1). So, it is compulsory to get the BIS certificate for import of smart phones to trade the product freely.

Applicable Indian standards on smart phones are: –

IS 13252 (Part-1) includes general requirements for BIS mobile certification. However, before the certificate of a mobile phone, it is critical components such as battery cell, battery, and adapter need to be certified.

IS 16333 (Part-3) is an obligatory requirement for language support in mobile handsets that includes specific requirements to be implemented on a mobile phone.

Further vide latest circular ref no. CMD III/16:IS 16333 (Part 3) dated 10.10.2022 the Indian standard for “Mobile phone Handsets Part 3 Indian language support for mobile phone Handsets- specific requirements (First revision) IS 16333 (Part 3): 2017 has been revised and published as IS 16333 (Part 3) 2022. Significant changes in the revised standard are listed in the said circular.

The last date for concurrent running for both the Indian standards has been extended to 17th December 2022 after which the existing 16333 (Part 3): 2017 shall stand withdrawn.

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