Our team hand holds the clients to assist in the registrations and licenses required for undertaking business in India.

WPC ETA approval

WPC approval is required for any products with radio and/or wireless functionalities on its import or manufacturing in India.

E-waste management

Extended Producer Responsibility is a responsibility given to the producers/importers to dispose or recycle post-consumer E-waste in accordance with the.

Legal Metrology (LMPC)

To ensure public guarantee from the point of view of security and accuracy of the weighments and measurements, Legal Metrology Act was introduced.

TEC approval

TAC is a certificate of conformity given to the automotive products on meeting the regulatory compliance, technical and safety requirements.

FSSAI certification

Entity involved in the preparation, manufacturing, storage, transport or handling of food or food products must take registration under the FSSAI Act.

AG-mark license

AG-mark license is used for certification of the agriculture products in India to ensure high-quality & hygienic food items is supplied to the customers.