Product Certification Scheme (ISI MARK) for Domestic Manufacturer​

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The BIS is a National Standards Body promoting and regulating standards of product and goods in India. The BIS has set up eight Central, 4 Regional and 3 branches laboratory in India to test the samples of the product during the primary and surveillance operations. The BIS certification for products even though voluntary is encouraged by the Government for the following purposes (i) it provides a safeguard to the public health (ii) it provides quality assurance (iii) it protects the consumer from hazardous products (iv) it promotes consumer confidence.

The Government provides BIS certification for products under different type of scheme as follows: –

Normal Procedures : The applicant is required to submit the BIS certification application with the required document and requisite fees. After submitting the application, Preliminary factory evolution is carried out by a BIS officer. Then samples are tested in the factory and also drawn from independent testing. BIS certification is provided if the sample is acceptable.

Simplified Procedures: – In the simplified procedure, the applicant submits a test report of the sample from a BIS approved lab along with application for BIS certification. If the test report is satisfactory, then verification of the factory premises is carried out by a BIS officer. BIS certification is granted, if the verification of the BIS officer satisfactory.

Products that come under BIS certification: –

  1. Compulsory BIS certification (Scheme-1) : There are different category of products that require compulsory BIS registration. There are 379 products listed that requires compulsory BIS certification. List of products that required compulsory certification attached here with….
  2. Voluntary Certification under Simplified procedure (Option 2) : Manufacturers can also obtain voluntary BIS certification of product as it indicates high quality and standards of the product to the customer. There are 730 products listed for which manufacture can obtain voluntarily BIS certification under simplified procedure.
  1. Electronic and Information Technology Goods under Compulsory registration Scheme: The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (Meity) notified compulsory BIS registration for certain electronics and information technology goods under Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS). There are 77 electronics and IT products listed under compulsory registration.
  1. ECO Mark Registration Scheme: – BIS also provide certification to environment friendly products under the ECO MARK SCHEME like soaps and detergents, paints, food items, lubricating oils, packing /packaging materials, Architectural paints and power coating, batteries, electrical and electronic goods, food additives, wood substitutes, cosmetics, Aerosols and propellants, plastic products, textiles, fire extinguisher, leather and coir and coir products. Under this scheme BIS categorises all environmental product that conform to the basic requirement under the Indian standard. The BIS grants and ‘ECO LOGO’ along with ‘ISI MARK’ for the products. The logo and mark indicate that the product meet certain environmental criteria and the relevant Indian standards quality requirements. A single mark is granted to the products, which will be the combination of the ISI mark and the ECO logo. 

The procedure to get the BIS licence under the ‘ECO MARK SCHEME’ is similar to the obtaining license for domestic manufacturer under the normal or simplified registration procedures. When a manufacturer already has a valid BIS certification mark for a product and wants to get a new product covered under the ECO MARK scheme, the manufacturer has to make a specific request to the BIS. The BIS will take the required step for grant of BIS license under the ECO MARK SCHEME.

5. BIS certification for Toys: -According to Toys (Quality Control) Order 2020, BIS certification is mandatory for all toys for children under the age of 14. The Bureau of Indian standard (BIS) has mandated that all-electric and non-electric toys bear the ISI mark, and toys without and ISI mark are not permitted to be sold. As per said Order, BIS initiated the progress of granting licence to toy manufacturers to use the BIS standard mark in as per schemes I and schedule II of BIS (conformity assessment) Regulation, 2018.

This Order also equally applies to all toys being imported into India, and that the foreign manufactures must also obtain valid certification from BIS, as is mandatory for all the manufacturers of toys in India.

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