MSME Registration & IEM Certificate

The Government provides various benefits for MSME registered entities. We assist and guide benefits for the MSME registered entities.

Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Consultant in Delhi, India

MSME sector is considered as backbone of the Indian economy and when these industries are grows the economy of the countries also grows and flourish.  Under the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act 2006 the Government of India examines the factors affecting promotion and development of MSME.

The services provided by the ministry of MSME are as follows: –

  • facilitate for testing, training for entrepreneurship development
  • Preparation of project and product profiles
  • Technical and managerial consultancy
  • Assistance for exports
  • Pollution and energy audits.

Manufacturing, services industries and wholesale and retail trader are covered and eligible to apply for MSME registration. Government revised the MSME classification by inserting composite criteria of both investment and annual turnover following is the current revised MSME classification where the investment and annual turnover are to be considered for decoding on MSME

Revised Classification







Annual turnover

Less than Rs.1 crore


Less than Rs.5 crore

Less than Rs.10 crore


Less than Rs.50 crore

Less than Rs.50 crore


     Less than Rs.250 crore

Industrial Entrepreneur Memorandum (IEM)

All Industrial undertaking exempted from the requirements of industrial licensing under the industries development and regulation Act I (D&R) 1951 and having investment in plant and machinery of Rs.50 Crore; and turnover of Rs.250 crores are required to file information relating to the setting up of the industries is known as IEM (Industrial Entrepreneur Memorandum).

Application for IEMs (Part A and Part B) and amendments can be filed on the DPIIT portal.


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