Laboratory Recognition Scheme. (LRS)

BIS recognises laboratories which meet the criteria defined and have the infrastructure along with the test facility covered under Conformity Assessment Scheme.

BIS Lab Recognition Scheme Consultants in India


BIS operates Laboratory Recognition Scheme (LRS) which is governed by the provisions under Section 13 (4) of the BIS Act 2016 and Rule 32 of the BIS Rules 2018. These statutory provisions discuss upon, BIS powers to recognize any laboratory in India or outside India for carrying out testing of samples in relation to conformity assessment and such other functions as the Bureau may assign to it.

To protect the interest of the consumer BIS operates variety of Conformity Assessment Scheme for manufacturers and service providers for a variety of goods and services. Under the product certification scheme the licensed manufacturers can use the standard mark, popularly known as the as ISI mark, on their products which conform to the relevant Indian standards. Under the compulsory registration scheme, BIS registers the manufacturers for self-declaration of conformity whose product conform to the relevant Indian standards as assessed through this testing at BIS recognized laboratories. Both the schemes require testing of products for quality evolution against the respective standards and therefore there is need for testing facilities.

The recognition is granted to such laboratories which meet the criteria for recognition and which are able to demonstrate availability of the infrastructures, test facility and manpower required for testing of products covered or proposed to be covered under Conformity Assessment Scheme of BIS and on payment of fees as prescribed by BIS.

Laboratory desirous of seeking recognition under LRS shall meet the following criteria: –


The laboratory shall be accredited Laboratory Quality Management System as per IS/ISO/IEC 17025 (latest implemented concurrent version). The accreditation body, must be a full member of ILAC and/or Asia Pacific Accreditation Co-corporation.

2.Indian Standards for recognition:

Recognition salary considered only for the Indian standards which are covered under the conformity assessment schemes of BIS related standards, for all the requirements/parameters/ tests in the standard.


Subcontracting of test is strictly prohibited sub-contracting may be agreed upon if existing test equipment fails and only for samples that are already being tested.

4.Test facility

All testing related activities must take place in the same premises as a laboratory.

  1. Impartiality: – Laboratory operations must be organized and regulated to maintain neutrality.

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