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BIS Hall Marking is a symbol for purity and authenticity. Our team facilitates in obtaining BIS Hall Marking registration.

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Gold is too soft with stand wear, therefore, for jewellery making, gold is always alloyed with some other metals. The need for alloying of gold also makes public extremely vulnerable to excessive adulteration. So, the detention of adulteration in the gold is difficult without performing technical tests. The complex nature of Indian jewellery mostly made of high caratage gold and containing numerous soldered joints of much lower caratage make the job of determination of purity even more difficult.

Thus, in order to protect consumer from adulteration and to obligate jewellers to maintain a legal standard of purity, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) launched a jewellers registration scheme.

Hallmarking is the correct determination an official recording of the proportionate content of the precious metal in the jewellery artefacts or billions or coins. Quality control order for mandatory hallmarking of gold jewellery artifacts has been issued on 23rd June 2021 by the Government of India which makes the hallmarking mandatory in 256 districts of the country where there is at least one assessing and hallmarking centres.

There are two types of BIS hallmark certification: –

  1. BIS registration for hallmarking for SHOWROOM/ JEWELLERS: – Jeweller who wants to sell hallmarked jewellery must first get hallmarking registration from BIS for each of their sale outlets. The registration is granted to the jeweller for a specified location if the application is in the prescribed format along with the relevant document is in order and the required cost paid and signing of the agreement for operation of the license by the jeweller.

BIS introduce a new system for marking jewellery the new method contains hallmarking unique identification number with bis hallmark and purity of the metal.

  1. BIS recognition for ASSAYING & HALLMARKING CENTRE: Hallmarking centre is the marking center or the third-party evaluators. A & H centres are the testing centres where the jewellery is tested. After testing, the A & H centre applies hallmark on the jewellery which is found meeting the requirement of the standard. The A & H center can apply for recognition to the BIS online. The recognition is granted to A & H centre for hallmarking for jewellery/artefacts after verifying the infrastructure requirements, capability and competency of the personnel to carry out the Assaying and hallmarking the entire process of recognition which involve audit of the centers, submission of the audit report and grant of recognition or renewal has been automated.

Our team of experts facilitate clients in obtaining BIS registration in Delhi India and assist end to end till getting the registration.

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